Here Are The Top 3 Best Plumbing Franchises To Own

Are you thinking of franchising a plumbing business? If so, then you should know that some plumbing franchises are far better than others. With that said, here are the top three best plumbing franchises to own, and why they are the best.

1. Rooter-Man – This company was founded in 1970, and since then it has gone on to become one of the best plumbing companies around. It is also one of the largest plumbing franchising in America. If you become a franchisee for the company, then you can offer various plumbing services, such as drain cleaning, septic services, and pipe relining to name a few.

As for why you should become a franchisee with Rooter-Man, there are numerous reasons, with one being it is a nationally recognized brand. Not only that, but the overhead is quite low and you won’t pay a royalty based on your sales. Let’s not forget to mention that you will receive professional training and ongoing support. If you want to partner up with a nationally recognized brand and offer quality plumbing services, then consider becoming a franchisee with Rooter-Man.

2. Mr. Rooter – Another good plumbing company you should look into is Mr. Rooter, which offers plumbing repair services, maintenance services, and sewer line services. As of now, they have over 200 plumbing franchise location across America and Canada. The company also offers emergency services to their customers.

It’s a relatively low overhead to get started. Not only that but if you become a franchisee, then you’ll enjoy receiving extensive marketing training. If you’re looking for a plumbing company that has a great reputation and offers you the tools needed to succeed, then look no further than Mr. Rooter.

As for how much you’ll need to invest, you can expect to invest between $60,000 to $157,000, which is not that bad. The royalty fees range in the area of five and seven percent, while the term of the agreement is for ten years. Mr. Rooter is one of the best plumbing franchises to look into.

3. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – This company offers very competitive pricing on their equipment and products, as well as customized marketing strategies to their franchisees. Not only that but they offer around the clock training and support, which means it doesn’t matter what day of the year it is or what time it is, if you need support, then you can rest assure you will receive it. If you’re looking for a great opportunity to own a reputable plumbing business, then consider Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

The above three plumbing franchises are among the best, and now you know why. The only thing you have to do now compares each one and then decide which company you want to go with. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but you do want to do a little research on each one. The sooner you do research, the sooner you can make a decision, which means the sooner you can be operating your plumbing company.

Plumbing Franchises: Are They A Good Investment?

If you are interested in getting into the plumbing business, then you should know that establishing your plumbing company from scratch is no easy task. A plumbing business is just like any other business out there today. Without the right capital, manpower, equipment and ready clients, your plumbing business is doomed to fail. Many people attempt to start their niche businesses but end up coming to the realization that the market is not so welcoming to newcomers. So what do you do if you want to invest in the plumbing field?

A franchise can be described as a branch or an extension of an existing business enterprise that is managed by a willing investor. Plumbing franchises have become more and more common in various cities and towns across the country. Entrepreneurs and investors who want to get into the plumbing business but do not want to take the risk of starting a new business can easily choose to be part of a plumbing franchise.

You can essentially open your plumbing franchise in a town or city where your parent franchise has not opened branches in. This opens up the opportunity for you to venture into new markets using a brand name that many are already familiar with. The franchise parent company comes in ready handy as it provides you with all the necessary resources to kick-start your business. You can get anything from tools, plumbing equipment, staff uniforms, vehicles and most important the brand name of the parent company.

Now, the question of whether plumbing franchises are good investments may arise. The answer to this question is solely dependent on an entrepreneur’s willingness to push his or her business to the top. Franchises are only meant to make the process of starting a business easier. This does not mean that running the business will be a walk in the park. A plumbing franchise is just like any other business that demands hard work and dedication to succeed.

According to, the major benefit of investing in a plumbing franchise is that you do not have to worry about various technical aspects of your investment. All technical aspects of the business enterprise such as the hiring of plumbers, training of staff, upkeep of tools and equipment are taken care of by the franchise parent company. Plumbing supplies are also easily sourced directly from the parent company so you do not have to worry about where you will get plumbing fixtures and utilities.

The parent company can also offer a great deal of assistance regarding marketing and advertising. Some plumbing companies even provide new franchisees with online platforms such as websites and blogs. Such resources are useful when it comes to reaching out to potential clients and customers from a certain region. The time and money needed to set up a fully functional niche website from scratch can be used for other more important tasks.

All in all, many people are beginning to realize that plumbing franchises are good investments that can bring in returns within a few months of operation. Choosing a well-known plumbing franchise is very important so that you get all the assistance you need in starting and running your niche business. Do some research on a region where a certain franchise has not opened up its doors to and see whether you can fill this market gap with the help of the plumbing franchise. Plumbing franchises are some of the best long-term investments you can find out there today. So what are you waiting for? Invest in a plumbing franchise today!

Business Angels – What Are They?

Business Angels are individuals who prefer to purchase battling companies which they belief have a great chance of making it in business with some sponsorship as well as businesses that are simply launching. These companies will certainly need help economically to start-up with the purchase of stock and tools.

Company Angels usually originate from an entrepreneurial history and also as a result understand the difficulties you could undergo and that financing is one of one of the most crucial consider any start-up company and also specifically in a company that is having a hard time economically. A Company Angel will typically just supply sponsorship if they think your company stands a good chance of being successful.

The percentage of finance they offer you relies on the business strategy you put forward. They will certainly have to see every little information of your company from that your suppliers are as well as how much they charge to how much you offer a product or service at. They will certainly wish to see all your ingoing’s and also outgoings for the in 2014 if your business is battling. If it’s a new company endeavor you’re trying to obtain finance for, you will certainly need a great plan showing the income of business over the next few years as you see it.

A Business Angel could supply from ₤ 10,000 to ₤ 75,000 to assist regenerate your business or obtain your business off the ground. Some Business Angels may be willing to function as an Angel Organization as well as could after that supply from ₤ 100,000 to ₤ 250,000. The typical percentage a Company Angels purchases a company is around ₤ 75,000. It is normal for a Business Angel to want a good return on the money they have spent, and often they want a piece of your company in return.

There is a difference between Business Angels and Venture Capitalists this is that Business Angels take less control of your business they don’t typically desire the bother of a director’s or administration work and also would rather invest in your business and also provide you some suggestions if you require it. Due to this, their financial investment decisions are usually a lot quicker than Endeavor Capitalists.

Whoever you get financial investment from whether it be a financial institution, a loan company or a business angel you will require a well prepared and also detailed company strategy. Your business plan will reveal what your desired goals are and any suggestions you have for the future along with the organized income of the business for the very first few years. Every company strategy needs to be on a regular basis updated to maintain to this day any adjustments with the business inside or on the surface as well as any new guidelines you have put in place.

Not just will you played your company strategy to aid secure business financing from a Business Angels however also it will assist you to run your company more effectively as well as effectively. So why to wait if you want to raise finance for your startup or struggling company call us a Company Angel today for financial assistance and also insight.